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L4 Alteon 3408 config 복사 & 초기화 & config 복원

Alteon L4스위치 configuration 초기화 및 Dump 절차



1. Console을 이용해서 L4스위치에 접속한다. (9600bps)

2. Password를 입력한다. (‘admin’)


Enter password: admin

System Information at 11:01:46 Mon Mar 6, 2006


[Main Menu]

 info - Information Menu

 stats - Statistics Menu

 cfg - Configuration Menu

 oper - Operations Command Menu

 boot - Boot Options Menu

 maint - Maintenance Menu

 diff - Show pending config changes [global command]

 apply - Apply pending config changes [global command]

 save - Save updated config to FLASH [global command]

 revert - Revert pending or applied changes [global command]

 exit - Exit [global command, always available]


3. 기존 configuration을 backup받는다.

>> DS_ACTIVE - Main# /c/d

Console (CRT, Hyperterminal)에 나타나는 config를 Drag해서 복사 후 Notepad등에 붙여넣는다.


4. L4스위치의 config를 초기화 한다.

>> DS_ACTIVE - Main# /b/conf

Currently set to use active config block on next boot.

Specify new block to use ["active"/"backup"/"factory"]: fa

Next boot will use factory default config block instead of active.


>> DS_ACTIVE - Boot Options# reset

Confirm clear all config regions [y/n]: y

Reset will use software "image2" and the factory default config block.

>> Note that this will RESTART the Spanning Tree,

>> which will likely cause an interruption in network service.

Confirm reset [y/n]: y

Resetting at 11:01:14 Mon Mar 6, 2006...


Boot version

Alteon 184

Rebooted because of reset from console.

Booting complete 11:01:33 Mon Mar 6, 2006:

 Version from FLASH image2, factory default config block.


Enter password: admin


5. Password를 다시 입력한다 (‘admin’)


6. 아래 내용이 출력되면 ‘n’을 입력한다.


System Information at 11:04:33 Mon Mar 6, 2006




The switch is booted with factory default configuration.

 To ease the configuration of the switch, a "Set Up" facility which

will prompt you with those configuration items that are essential

to the operation of the switch is provided.

Would you like to run "Set Up" to configure the switch? [y/n] n


7. >> Main# 화면에서 ‘verbose 0’을 입력하고 새로운 config를 붙여 넣기 한다.

>> Main# verbose 0

Ctrl + V (붙여 넣기)


8. 붙여 넣기가 끝나면 ‘verbose 2’를 입력하고 ‘apply / save’한다.

verbose 2

Verbose level changed from 0 to 2 ß- verbose 2 입력시 나타나는 message


>> Main# apply


Apply complete; don't forget to "save" updated configuration.


>> DS_ACTIVE - Main#

>> DS_ACTIVE - Main# save

Request will first copy the FLASH "active" config to "backup",

then overlay FLASH "active" with new config.

Confirm saving to FLASH [y/n]: y

New config successfully saved to FLASH.

Switch is currently set to use factory default config block on next boot.

Do you want to change that to the active config block? [y/n] y

Next boot will use active config block.


>> DS_ACTIVE - Main#


9. /c/d 로 정상적으로 config가 입력되었는지 확인한다.

>> DS_ACTIVE - Main# /c/d

script start "Alteon 184" 4 /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!

/* Configuration dump taken 11:05:16 Mon Mar 6, 2006

/* Version, Base MAC address 00:60 :cf:4b:d8:40




10. DS_STANDBY 용 L4 스위치도 동일한 순서로 config를 설정한다.

출처: http://bjcomm.co.kr

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